Monday, 17 September 2012


(The guitar chords for this song is A, C, Em, Am/A, C, E, but I guess there's no piont in learning them, since you don't know the melody of the song... Maybe I will make a video where I sing it some time in the future?)

Once upon a time, doing homework at my friend's house, she asked me how many songs I had actually written. I started making a list of them all, trying to find out (I think I got to 13, by the way). At one point I felt like I had forgotten one, although I couldn't remember which one. The only title popping up in my head was "Domination", but I had never written a song with such name. From that day I was determined to write a song called "Domination". Here is it: (feel free to correct, I'm not the best in English...)

You thought that I would not be brave enough to walk that black, old road
I guess domination had failed
Or maybe you're just not in that leader mode, and send me off to hell
Your bad speach just sent me away

So I'm going to walk that feared, black, old road
And ten wild horses can't make me stay
I can get my prince or kill the toad
'Cause in the end I know my goal's okay