Friday, 12 October 2012

Take My Hand continues...

I've just come up with a third verse to my song "Take My Hand"! (The first half part is to find somewhere at this blog too.) These lyrics are probably not finished - in some versions of hte song I'll probably not add this last part at all. But here it is,suddenly it's not just a love song after all:

Then somehow the rainbow vanishes in front of my eyes
I don't recognize this people crawling like a bunch of mice

What's going on in this unfair world?
People don't live for long

The killing scares me and digs my grave
This man in a black cloak tries to take my hand

He takes my hand

(5 minutes later or so...) Okay - it's a love sotry anyway. I just came up with ANOTHER verse! Wait and see - i'll correct my mistakes, and then I'll write the whole song down - or maybe perform? Do I have the nerves? :)