Saturday, 13 October 2012

You can finally Take My Hand!

Now I'm pretty sure I'm finished with this damn song! It's not going to be a performance - sorry, folks! I know you really want to hear me sing (or let's at least pretend that you do XD) - you'll have to wait some more... But here's the song, anyway!

Take My Hand
I’m alive, and I’m creative
I create the road as I go
Intelligence is just a plan
I only need you, my love, to take my hand
To take my hand

Give me a nice, old, rotten rose
And I’ll show you how to make it young, with all the love we’ve got
Give me inspiration
Stay by my side, and take my hand
And take my hand

Then somehow the rainbow vanishes in front of my eyes
I don’t recognize this people crawling like a bunch of mice

What’s going on in this unfair world?
People don’t live for long
The killing scares me and digs my grave
This man in a black cloak tries to take my hand
He takes my hand

I’m dragged in, in this burning night
I miss you so deeply – I wish I may, I wish I might
I tell a star that I want my man
Then you look at me and you take my hand
She shock is sinking in –
You were taking my hand