Wednesday, 16 January 2013

A Poor Jealous Voice in December

Young girl alone in one December night
No one with living soul is in her sight
On the icy road she sees the reflection of a poor face

To realize it's her own eyes takes some time
'Cause she's used to telling them that she's just fine
Well, she is strong, when it's all wrong she rises

Get up, girl, lying in the snow doesn't solve your problem
Hanging on is what you have to do
Find the light, it will follow you
To what you seek for happiness

Along with the snow comes the Christmas times
Where loneliness hits us all like blowing mines
And we watch them having fun with beer and wine
Drinking away the thought of your and my life

This is the first song I've ever written to the piano <3 I drew a picture to it as well, but I forgot it at my grandma's house...
- MR