Friday, 18 January 2013


Hey! Lately my friends and I have been teaching ourselves the music video choreography of Girls Generation's Gee (here I'm playing the girl with the black pants and glasses on her t-shirt). Personally, I yet haven't come into the K-pop, but it's so much fun dancing! Since I haven't been able to stop, I've learned the whole song, in addition to another - the Boys (I dance the one to the left here, meaning: I play Sunny in both). This time I accepted the challenge of trying to dance the choreography of some of the mail groups, which seems to be a LOT harder. The newest project is: SHINee's Lucifer. I kinda look forward to it, but I realize I may be going crazy with that difficulty. Well, I'm not going to determine anyting, since I haven't even tryed out the start position yet. On the other hand - I'm already freaking out by looking at the video :S

Wish me good luck!
- MR