Sunday, 27 January 2013

Something new...

Well, the book-thing lasted for two days...sorry about that. I figured, I just can not stand having to do something. I will draw in there as often as possible, though.

Sometimes art shows its best when you really don't care about the level of details. It probably took me five minutes to get this one done, and it's not the worst I've ever done, is it?

Sometimes it is in fact the details that ruin everything; you start with a great piece of work, and then you add some extra shadows here and there, and suddenly you no longer know what it is you've tried to achieve at all.

The one on the bottom here is, as you probably see too, the original of the five, which I have edited into several colorful versions.

I tried to get the four colored ones into one image, but it didn't turn out that well, and it seems like it's impossible to put different images side to side here, so here I am, trying my best to fill in the blank area...

I soon have to get ready for my friend, Vilje's birthday party. She turned fifteen in November, but better late than never right? :P

What is your plans for today?