Monday, 14 January 2013

Today's creations

Well, guys, here I am, sowing a jacket for my dog, with my new Gotye CD (yey!) as LOUD background music ^_^
What a coincidence - State of the Art is playing in this very moment! Ylva's jacket is ready soon, then I can try to find my camera charger and show you how it looks like - it's made of my friend's mother's old tights, my overused jeans, and some other leftover stuff I could find. And - the first thing I did when I came home today was drawing this: (I only used ordinary pencils on this, so I must admit that I edited it quite a bit when it comes to contrasts.)

This time, I actually was inspired by the shadows casted by my desk and computer. For instance, the eye lashes were the results of what I later found out was the shadows of my earplugs hanging out from the PC. I just changed a few sharp edges, and it turned out like this! ...I tend to find many weird details in this world... Many that may seem useless, and many that let me stretch out for another creative idea to share with you <3
To end this post I can mention that the song playing right now is Save Me...