Thursday, 7 February 2013

Summer never dies

There is a Norwegian song called "Sommerfugl i vinterland" (Butterfly in winter-land), which has been quite popular for a period after a well known artist named Vinni covered it. I just remembered this after what happened today:

We went out skiing today with my class, learning some techniques and trying not to fall all the time (I failed that part, as always. Once I fell because of high speed combined with an unexpected turn, and landed with my ski pole in my face, so now I've got a duck face on my left side, while my right side is pretty normal, and for a while it hurt to smile, ha ha.)
     Back to the point: there, now, in February, in NORWAY, laying in the snow, was a poor, frozen, but alive butterfly! It must have been living inside a warm(er) tree or something, cause I really do not know how else it could have gotten there.

To add something creative here, I am working with a drawing of a skull, actually, and I suppose it'll be done tomorrow :P

- MR