Saturday, 16 March 2013

The Path of Love

In the quiet depths of our snow-coated city is a steep, little street with only small houses; the so-called "tent-houses". And out from that street, like a branch growing out from a tree, is an even smaller, even quieter little track. This is the Path of Love.
     I have always wondered about that name. Yes, it may be idyllic and romantic, but who thinks about such things by looking at a little path? Well, going for a walk with Pippi, my dog, today, I finally got the answer; or at least one man's version of it.
     On my way on the "Tent-house Hill" I met a man. He asked about my dog - pets always lead to contact - and commented on the Norwegian winter. He didn't need many words for his description: "Oh, the Norwegian winter!"
     Then the path caught his eye, and he said:
     "This path, over here, this is the Path of Love. We" - I assumed that "we" meant him and his wife, girlfriend, or someone he loved - "moved here a while ago, and we saw this path. We liked it. We loved it. And we named it the Path of love."
About the pic:
Vilje, Elsie and I had a photo shoot at Vilje's house yesterday - we do it all the time, and I love it! <3

- MR